Our dogs

Kemi Sally

Sally is by A Lethiƶ's Kemi Rhys and D K Evans Meg.






DoB: 2/11 -15


DNA CEA Clear/Normal













Kate is from our own breeding and she has inherited all the good qualities that her mother Mel has but are more forward than her. She never hesitates to shed for example.

She has a great feeling for the sheep, nice outruns and natural flanks.


Kate is from Mel (00/310285) and Davey. She is a mixture off our older lines (Mel) that goes back to Spot, and our newer lines from Wales that are behind Davey. She does all kind off work, big flocks, penwork etc.


Special merits:

Placed on several nursery trials and qualified to Central Leauge Nursery Team and final 2012

Winner Glenlyon Hill trial 2015

2nd Place Isle Of Man 2015

Scottish Team member 2016

World Trial team 2017


DoB: 13/12-10

Eyes: Clear

Reg/Isds: 00/311738





Sprout is by D K Evans Tanhill Glen and P Williams Silk (R Dalziel Spot).



DoB: 8/11 - 2017

Eyes: Clear - CEA/CH Normal/Clear

Hips: -

Reg/Isds: ISDS




Midderry Liz

Liz is by R Hutchinson Sweep and Lotta's Kate.



Glenmoy -19






Myllin Davey

Available for stud


When we competed at World Trial in Wales 2008 I bougth Davey from Hue Francis that ownes Moss, Daveys father. Moss has several really good offsprings and we have owned some off them. For example Sid who won the German Championship and Lottas nursery bitch Pixie (2011).

Davey is a working dog all the way, he loves to work and never gives up, he is a good listener and he want's to do right. On trials he works really well and during his first two years here he has 25 placements in top 6 and 7 wins!

He started at Scottish national 2011.


Because Davey is a CEA affected we only mate him with bitches that are DNA normal!


Scroll down to se the latest video on Davey!

Special merits:

3rd place at the Supreme 2014

Team Gold medalist, World Trial -14

World trial finalist 2014

Placed 16'th in the qualifying on International 2013

Scottish Team member (placed 5'th) 2013

Won the Isle of Man double lift final 7/7-2013

Scottish Team member 2012 at International

13th Place at Scottish National 2012

Davey was placed sixth in Selatyn double fetch final 2011.

Scottish team member 2015 (10th place)

Royal Welsh Show Champions of Champions winner




21/9 -14 Glenlyon

7/6 -14 Luss

1/9-13 Glen Devon

18/8-13 Glen Clova

15/8-13 Ardlamont

3/8-13 Loch Broom

7/7-13 Isle of Man double lift final

21/7-13 Aboine

1/7-13 Luss

29/6-13 Airtnoch

15/7-12 Heriot

16/5-12 Tomatin

31/7-11 Sahne

2/7-11 St Boswells Kettleshield Farm

27/5-11 Ettrick

5/9-10 Lintrathen

10/7-10 Waternesh

27/5-10 Broadgarhill, Ettrick

24/5-10 Hayfield, Ettrick


DoB: 19/8 - 2007

Eyes: Clear/DNA CEA: Affected

Hips: A (Excellent)

Reg/Isds: Vallreg/292919