About us

Six years ago we both started to feel that Sweden was a bit too crowded for us and we wanted challenges that spiced up our everyday life. So, we decided to sell the animals and machines on our farm in Sweden,to realize our dream of working with herding dogs in their native country Scotland.


During the last couple of years we've taken care of Ardormie Farm with 500 Easy Care sheep.

In december 2015 we're moving in to Midderry Farm that we bought together with our friends Lasse & Barbro.


We train sheepdogs for work, trials and breed/buy in young dogs that we train to later on sell them to farmers & contestants. We put a lot of time in each dog so that we can find the right dog for the job and the handler!

Please contact us if you have any questions / Mosse & Lotta


Scottish team member 2014, placed third at the International with Davey

World trial 2014 , final with both Jim and Davey

Scottish Team Member 2013 with two dogs

Placed 8’th in the supreme 2013 with Jim and

place 16 with Davey the same year .

Isle of Man champion with Davey 2013

Scottish Team Member 2011 & 2012

Mosse is sevenfold Swedish Champion

Swedish team member 12 years in a row

Winner of the Swedish Cup five times

Scandinavian Champion 2009

Winner of the qualification at Continental 2008

Sixth in the final at World Trial 2005 in Tullamore, Ireland

Continental Champion 2003


Since we arrived to Scotland we both have won a number of open trials.

During our first two years here we had together about 70 placements at trials (top six) and around 10 of them are winnings!


Articles (in Swedish):

Vallhunden Fleet, 8, gör ledigt 12 mäns jobb i fårhagen

Fårvallarens Mecka nästa för Mosse

Fårvallaren från Gryt har fått en önsketillvaro i Skottland

2014 ; Featured in Scottish Field Magazine

Mosse and Lotta are both very good instructors and have a lot of experience with sheepdogs.


If you want to book a private lession or a group clinic, please call or email to set a date.

Classes can be held here on the farm or at your own place!




Mosse mob: + 44 7776 198365


Lotta mob: + 44 7786 433952


Said about classes;

- Both Mosse and Lotta are very good with dogs and they just make your whole world turn upside down when it comes to sheepdog training. Suddenly everything is very easy to understand, and you get the right tools to get the very best out of your dog!

We will be back. :-)

• Caroline, Sweden •




Midderry Farm

Kilry, PH11 8JA





Mosse mob: + 44 7776 198365

+44 7498 487021


Lotta mob: + 44 7786 433952


House: +44 1307 552011