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Mosse and Wheatwood Bee Central Nursery League Champions!

Lotta and Eire 5th place, both dogs qualified for the Scottish Nursery Final





20th February

Mosse and Sally Central nursery league champions !


14th October

New young dogs for sale!

See for sale page


30th July

Both dogs sold


20th July

Lotta & Kate made it to the world trial semi final!


Two new dogs for sale!


17th April

Dog and puppies for sale!


1st March

New dogs on "Our dogs"


17th February

Mosse & Murphy are in the Central team for the Scottish nursery final!


York is sold


6th February

We'll soon be retailers of swedish produced whistles!


29th January

Dog for sale


24th August

Mosse with Davey and Lotta with Kate made the Scottish team!


Mosse & Davey won Campbeltown SDT


New dogs for sale on the for sale page


3rd July

Kilberry SDT, Lotta & Kate 6th place

Mosse & Davey 7th place


2nd July

Strath Vaich Hill trial, Mosse & Davey second place


22nd June

Mosse & Davey winners of Glen Devon SDT


26th April

Pete and Mia sold!


22nd April

New dogs for sale!

New phone numbers 'contact'

New pictures of Tom and Bel


5th March

Mosse & Tom runner up in the scottish nursery final!


9th February

Mosse & Tom won the novice league of Central Scotland and Mosse made therefore team captain for the upcoming Scottish Nursery final.

Lotta and Bel also made the team.

Mosse & Alf is the reserve for the team. :-)


20th January

Puppies on the blog!

Tom's pedigree on his stud dog page


12th January

Updated page;

Nursery dogs


Net had a litter of pups out of R Hutchinson Jock


Kate had a litter out of R Hutchinson Sweep